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  1. Evaluation of correlation between structural changes and visual field loss in glaucoma
  2. Development of animal model of chronic ocular hypertension
  3. Role of aquaporin family in the development of glaucomatous optic neuropathy
  4. Association of systemic and intraocular lactate metabolism with retinal ganglion cell function and survival
  5. Development of new pupillopetry device to analyze the relationship between relative afferent pupillary defect and structural or/and functional change
  6. Assessment the prognostic factors for surgical and visual outcomes in childhood glaucoma


  1. Genotype-phenotype associations and visual disorder in each parallel information processing channel in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy
  2. Quantitative and correlative analysis of nerve fiber loss and visual field defect in patients with pregeniculate lesions
  3. Structural analysis of neural damage in optic neuromyelitis
  4. Pathophysiological analysis of Leber hereditary optic neuropathy using patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells
  5. Clinical trials of skin electrical stimulation to the intractable optic neuropathies
  6. Development of novel neuroprotective drugs using various models of optic nerve degeneration

Retina and Macula

  1. Reduced fluence photodynamic therapy for central serous chorioretinopathy
  2. Pathophysiological analysis of central serous chorioretinopathy
  3. Association of gene polymorphisms with risk of age-related macular degeneration and central serous chorioretinopathy
  4. Role of ABC transporters in retinal angiogenesis
  5. Structural analysis of retinal surface in diabetic eyes
  6. Role of MRP4 in the development of diabetic retinopathy
  7. Role of MRP4 in aged retinas
  8. Combination therapy for macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion
  9. Role of YAP/TAZ in chroidal neovascularization
  10. Elucidation of pathophysiology and development of new treatments for treatment-resistant macular edema
  11. Development of effective intraoperative usage of 3D visual system and intraoperative optical coherence tomography
  12. Basic research on the effect of fibrinogen on retinal cells.
  13. Performance evaluation of various vitreous surgical instruments and development of new instruments

Immunity and tumor

  1. Role of MRP4 in uveitis
  2. Novel filtering surgery for uveitic glaucoma
  3. Adalimumab therapy for recalcitrant uveits
  4. OCT imaging analyses for uveitis
  5. Multimodal imaging in management and diagnosis for uveitis
  6. National epidemiological survey on malignant ocular tumors
  7. Comparison of therapeutic effects between systemic steroid therapies performed under two different protocols for thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy
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